The Atomium

AtomiumThe Atomium is the symbol of Brussels, half way between sculpture and architecture. Now a monument, the Atomium was an exhibit left behind from the World Expo of 1958. It is a replica of an atom that is 165 billion times enlarged. Designed by Andre Waterkeyn, it is the only standing structure left after the World Fair. Nine eighteen-meter spheres are connected by tubes and wrapped in stainless steel. The Atomium has a breathtaking view of the city.

If you are finding this interesting, then try climbing up to the top sphere where there is a restaurant where you can rest and enjoy the view. The top sphere is accessible by an elevator, the others by an escalator. There are spheres that serve for special events and one that is dedicated for kids. There are other theme parks and water parks in the area as well, making the trip to the Atomium worthwhile, especially for kids.

The Atomium in figures:

102m height, 18m of spheres diameter, 3m30 diameter of tubes, total weight: 2.500.000 kg,

Practical Informations:

Metro Heysel

Open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm, adult rates: 11€ per person, student and senior 8€, kids fom 6 to 11 yo: 6€, kids less 6 yo is free

Nearby local attractions: Mini Europe, Bruparck, Baudouin Stadium

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