The battlefield of Waterloo and his Lion mound

Every year, and 2013 is no exception, a magnificent reconstitution of this historic battle is performed for tens of thousands of appreciative history buffs, and every five years, some 3,000 actors assemble with their period uniforms, replica guns and cannons to bring back to life the battle at Lions mound and the surrounding areas, as controlled explosions give the event true life reality. Drum rolls, musket shots and the pounding sound of horse hoofs across the battlefield all help the visual and auditory vision of how soldiers felt on that crucial day.

Impressive monuments have been erected to commemorate the key battle sites, none more breathtaking than the Lion monument itself, with the earth from the original battlefield forming a 40 meter high mound that is topped by a 28 tonne cast iron lion. Besides the hours long re-enactment, the museum is the focal point for countless visitors to the city of Waterloo, and artifacts abound in the Wellington exhibition, including unique prints and paintings.

As the bicentenary in 2015 approaches, preparations are already underway with both the Allied and the French sides feverishly working to turn the re-enactment into one the memorable events ever witnessed.

Brief history of the battle:

The Battle commenced on June 18, 1815 ushered in almost a hundred years of peace in Western Europe, when two of the greatest commanders of the time directly confronted each other, and this was also the last battle that both Napoleon and Wellington engaged in. The battle fields of Waterloo in Belgium saw a 200,000 strong French army facing 160,000 allied troops led by Duke Wellington, resulting in 61,000 dead or wounded in the span of ten hours. From the top of the Lion of Waterloo, the whole battlefield can be seen, as this was practically at the middle of the line of battle for Wellington.

Practical information:

Next reconstitution: 22nd and 23th of June 2013, before the very big ones in 2015!

Saturday June 22nd 2013  – start at 9:30 to 20h00

Sunday June 23th 2013 – start at 10:30 during almost all afternoon

Waterloo is easily accessible by train, or by car – less than 30 minutes or 16 Km by car from the Grand Place to the Battle field site.

Interested in renting a car from the Brussels airport, click here!

See video trailer of a previous battle reconstitution: