Meyboom festivities in Brussels

9 August 2015 @ 9 h 30 min – 13 h 00 min
Marais neighborhood
Marais Street
1000 Brussels

Meyboom Festival August 9thEvery August 9th, Brussels is celebrating the Meyboom plantation. This is one of the oldest folkloric tradition in Brussels that celebrates the 1213 victory of Brussels over neighboring city of Leuven in a battle over a beer tax. The tradition dates from 1308 and is set invariably on August 9th, the eve of St. Lawrence.

Traditionally around 3PM, the Meyboom porters goes twice around the Grand Place before heading to the Marais district.

The tree need to be carry to “rue des Sables” in the Marais neighborhood, but without much drag, because beyond 17 hours, if the tree is not planted, the dish is missed and the curse fell on the city.

This tradition is now recognized since 2008 as Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. In August 2015, let’s celebrate already the 707th edition!