Grand Place Flower Carpet

13 August 2016 @ 13 h 30 min – 15 August 2016 @ 14 h 30 min
Brussels Grand Place
1000 Bruxelles

Grand Place Flower Carpet

Every two years, enjoy the “flower carpet” set up in the Brussels Grand Place. This is done in the month of August, during the Assumption weekend. The carpet is made of twenty four by seventy seven square meters of begonias (1 million flowers!). The tradition started in 1971 and attracts tourist from all over the world.

This year, the opening night is expected around August 15th 2016 , then the exhibition will take place for several days during that period. This is a really unique moment that tourists visiting the city cannot miss!

Free access, enjoy the very nice panoramic view from the Brussels Town Hall (3€)

More information about this event:

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