The Brussels Grand Place

Grand Place

The Grand Place is usually the first attraction tourists are taken to. Also known as Grote Markt, Brussels’ square was carefully sculpted by time beginning in the fifteenth century. The square’s architecture is derived from various eras: Baroque, the era of Gothic and the time of Louis XIV. Interestingly, the streets around the Grand Place are named after food. Some examples are herbs or herbes, chicken or poulet, and cheese or fromage. The reason behind these interesting names is that the square used to be a market place where food was bought and sold. One of the buildings surrounding the Grand Place is the city hall, which is still functional today.

The town hall’s Gothic Tower that overlooks the square is usually mistaken for a church. This tower can be seen in most areas of the city. There are great restaurants offering fine cuisines and quaint little cafes that are a must try on every visit.

It will be interesting to make your visit when the huge “flower carpet” is set up in the Grand Place. This is done in the month of August, every two years. The carpet is made of twenty four by seventy seven square meters of begonias. The tradition started in 1971 and attracts tourist from all over the world.

Practical Informations:

Metro / Train station: Gare Centrale

Next Flower Carpet event in Brussels is expected around  15th August  2014

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