The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in the city of Brussels is a monumental attraction that invites hundreds of tourists every year. This six acre complex of greenhouses is filled with classical designs of domes, galleries and rotundas that display a wide variety of flora – from fruit trees, huge ferns that shoot up several feet, wide and green glades, as well as grassy vistas. The paths are naturally designed with fuchsias and geraniums, of which flowers form a very nice covering. Touristic descriptions of the greenhouses are excellent, from the wonderful designs to the flora and fauna found in them.

Commissioned under King Leopold II of Belgium, this vast complex of greenhouses sits in a park near the Royal Castle of Laeken. Some of the most well-known spots in the greenhouses are the Orangerie, Jardin d’hiver, Serre du Congo and Serre de Diane. A royal indoor swimming pool, which was once known as the Iron Church, is also situated in the landscape. A visit in this place will give you a once in a lifetime experience to have the opportunity to view so many magnificent plants and animals in one location.

Practical Informations:

Open from Friday April 18 to Sunday May 9th 2014

Entry via Avenue du Parc Royal, (Main entrance)

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